NDIS Plan Managed Information

The providers you can use depends on how you choose to manage your NDIS Plan when in your planning or review meetings.

  • Plan Managed | use Unregistered or registered providers
  • Self-Managed | use Unregistered or registered providers
  • Combination plan | use both Unregistered and registered providers
  • Agency managed | you can only use NDIS registered providers (you can certainly change this if you wish)

Reasons you may wish to use UNREGISTERED providers

  • More flexible choice in who can support you
  • You have found a provider that suits your individual needs
  • To have the freedom to choose from both unregistered and registered providers rather than just registered providers
  • Unregistered providers still must abide by the NDIS Code of conduct
  • Many reputable small, unregistered providers, will have in place the same systems that registered providers will have just not the added running costs or audit costs

                 ✅  Unregistered providers are vital to having access to the supports that can help with achieving your goals

                 ✅  Unregistered providers give you a whole other level of choice and control – the importance of which cannot be understated


Smaller providers may choose not to register for several reasons but will allow for a flexibility of provision including such things as:

  • Costs are related to the services provided only, no licensing or audit fees
  • May still use qualified staff
  • You have a direct relationship with participants and families
  • Smaller providers can offer lower prices while maintaining profitability and is easier to achieve
  • Ideal for local businesses which are highly integrated with their communities


More documentation to handle along with higher costs

  • Less pricing flexibility
  • Maintaining operations becomes much harder for small businesses
  • The commitment to quality of service for participants becomes a legal matter
  • Not ideal for family businesses who want to stay small on purpose

Why Choose Plan Managed

  • If your NDIS Plan is Plan Managed or Self-Managed, you can access all providers – it doesn’t matter if they are NDIS registered or not.
  • If your Plan is Agency (or NDIA) Managed, you are limited to accessing ONLY support from NDIS registered providers

There are several more reasons that people find plan management to be the best choice for them.

  • Provider Choice
    • Plan management gives you the flexibility to choose from both NDIS unregistered and NDIS registered providers and can broaden the scope of those who may suit your needs. That same freedom is not possible if you are NDIA managed.
  • Administration
    • Your plan manager will handle the day-to-day admin that comes with your plan, and help you keep track of your fund balance lessening the burdens of managing the finances.
  • Whether a provider is unregistered or registered is unrelated to their qualifications or experience.
  • Many Unregistered providers are highly qualified in their fields such as allied health professionals. Others may be very experienced at what they do, like support workers or lawn mowing companies.
  • In fact, there are lots of unregistered providers who are passionate about providing support and go above and beyond to help NDIS participants reach their goals.
  • Similarly, just because a provider is NDIS registered does not guarantee they will meet your personal standards of support and customer service.
  • Plan managed can give you more choice and control over the supports you receive by opening up the access to these providers.
  • Accessing unregistered providers opens many more options, which can be particularly useful in regional or rural areas.
  • If you are plan managed, self-managed or have a combination of the two, you can pay sole traders or other small providers with your NDIS funds providing the support is reasonable and necessary.
  • You can change the way your plan is managed by requesting a light touch review or at a Plan Review meeting before the end of the term of your current NDIS Plan.
  • Many service providers may not choose NDIS registration for a variety of reasons; however, this does not mean they are under qualified or offering a lesser service than a registered provider.

How to change to Plan Management

If you are in the middle of your plan and don’t have a plan review coming up, you can switch to plan management by contacting your LAC or the NDIS directly.

Three easy steps to change to plan management

  1. Call the NDIS (1800 800 110) or your Local Area Coordinator (your LAC phone number will be on your NDIS plan) and ask for a “light touch review” or “desktop review”.
  2. Explain that you want to switch to plan management. While there are no eligibility criteria you need to meet, you may still be asked why you want to change. Explain your reasons (which may include things like wanting to access unregistered providers or wanting assistance with managing your budgets) as this will help ensure your request is processed as quickly as possible.
  3. You will be contacted by the NDIS or you Local Area Coordinator when your request is approved.
  4. For any extra information around how to achieve this contact us for further information.

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