Group Support

With a range of group activities and opportunities, participants can build confidence and self-esteem by trying something new, whilst making new relationships with like-minded people. We ensure that all our participants have access to activities, programs, courses, and groups where they can build a community, learn and get involved, wherever they are at. With small group sessions, weekly or routine sessions, in house sessions and excursions we can help find a group support activity that will not only get participants socially active, but will nurture their passions, interests and confidence.

Whatever a participant’s interest – we help find the perfect group support experience. Some examples of the support we can offer are listed below.


With access to a range of services and resources our participants can:

  • learn new skills;
  • expand on their education;
  • develop confidence in group settings.

We believe that disability and circumstance shouldn’t be a barrier to people joining extra-curricular activities to learn more about the things they are interested in.

We work with our participants to find or develop once-off and re-occurring group courses and activities that help them spend their time learning about the things they want to learn about.

Sport and Recreation

We make sure to provide a wide range of opportunities for our participants to enjoy through:

  • art courses;
  • sporting leagues;
  • recreational group excursions.

We can organise, locate programs, provide support and help our participants get involved and make new meaningful friendships and memories.

Social Outings

Social outings with Eleos might look like:

  • an organised day trip to the cinema;
  • a theatre show;
  • a museum visit;
  • trip to a garden with a support carer;
  • Interesting day trips;
  • coffee/lunch outings.

Our services help to ensure that getting out and enjoying life is always achievable for our participants.

Our services help ensure enjoyment of life is achievable.


Here’s what some of our participants have said about us

"The courtesy and respect I feel I receive from Eleos has been really important to me." - Jenny T

Jenny is an absolute gem and we love working with her and supporting her unique needs.
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"The personal care and service I receive is top class." - Lisa R

Making Lisa's life easier and helping her to get where she needs to be, is why we love what we do.
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"Having the reliable help from people I trust at Eleos, allows me to stay in my own home rather than go into care " - Arthur M

‘We love seeing Arthur happy in his home that holds so many dear memories, and this is what makes our day’
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"They all have such a great sense of humour and are just cool people who get me, see me when I find other services don’t." - Tiana L

Tiana is such a lovely person and we're so pleased to be able to assist her, to live her life her way on her terms.
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